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Vote for us to play Download Featival!

We need to stay in the top 100 which then gets voted down to 15. Then it will be up to you to vote for us to stay in the top 8. The top 8 then plays Download on the red bull stage!
Keep it up! You can vote once a day.


a-little-piece-of-sierra asked: Oh my, you guys are FREAKING adorable.

Haha thanks :) x


spreadmyashes asked: I love you guys :3 x And i'll promo you on my blog if you need :3 i follow a lot of band blogs (: x

Thankyou! And if you could that’d be great, thankyou :) x


jeebus-may-fire asked: A question, what is the motivation behind your lyrics? Is it from the heart, or from experience?

We write what comes from our heart at the time, with feelings which are often resulted from experiences :) x


jeebus-may-fire asked: Yeah, I just subscribed to Luke's page and I will most definitely vote for you guys!

Great, thankyou! We really appreciate it, means a lot to us x


Help us out!

Vote for us here to give us a chance of playing download festival!

We just need to stay in the top 100 to get judged!

p.s, voting makes you cool 


captcunt asked: You guys are so adorable.

haha :D x


jeebus-may-fire asked: Hey, thanks for the follow! I look forward to listening to more of your fantastic music and I wish you good luck on years to come. By the way, YOU'RE INSPIRED BY CONFIDE?! I'm going to like you guys.

You’re welcome! If you hit us up on our band facebook (on the links page on our tumblr) you can find most of our videos on there or on our drummers personal YouTube. It’d be great if you could also help us out and vote for us to play Download Festival (again on the links page). We hope so, that’s what we like to hear!x


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We’re a melodic hardcore band from the UK. If you like While She Sleeps, Memphis May Fire and all the bands inbetween, check us out.¬†

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